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Post 9, Appendix c, f57v, Astrolabe rete Letter/# sequence

Post 9, Appendix c, f57v, Astrolabe rete Letter/# sequence

 posted on Feb 28, 2015 by admin in Background Grammar/ Post 9, Appendix c, page 73 


Believing that the Voynich Herbal Manuscript,

(hereafter,'VHM' or simply 'Voynich'), is not a fake or a cipher,

I have instead been looking into the roots of its eccentric Astronomy & script.


I myself fell down the rabbit-hole into the chart of 4 concentric circles

on the page which is apparently the 1st page of the Voynich Astronomy section, ie, f57v.



Oddly, every amateur astronomer I have met

is completely disdainful of astrology &

therefore deliberately ignorant of this subject

that is so central to the history of their science.


Similarly, I do not know of anyone proficient

in astrological lore who actually bothers to look up at night.

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