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Post 7-Appendix a, Voynich Letter Attributions

Post 7-Appendix a, Voynich Letter Attributions

 posted on Feb 21, 2015 by admin in News, Background, On the web, post 7, Appendix a, Voynich Letter Attributions, page 48


The table above, given in the Aramaic letter order,

represents my present best guesses

based on the astrolabe rete pictured on f57v,

together with the letter attributions derived by Stephen Bax,

as well as my present understanding of Old Turkic grammar, etc..


In general, the fewer possible letter-forms given,

the more certain I am of the attribution.


A question mark means I think the attribution is unlikely

but may still be worth keeping in mind.


More specifics will be found

under the entry for each letter below.

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