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Post 6-f57v, Astrolabe Rete

Post 6-f57v, Astrolabe Rete

 posted on Feb 21, 2015 by admin in Background post 6, page 43

                                                                                                   Chaucer, Astrolabe Chart 4, Rete

Since the pointer Stars on the rete of an astrolabe

are neccessarily the Brightest Stars in the sky,

& preference is given to the circumpolar area,

most are outside the Zodiacal constellation they align with.


Notice in particular the 8 Stars lying within the band of Zodiacal signs

in gold & in particular that 4 of them rotate closely

around Polaris & the Pole of the Ecliptic,

while 4 are closer to & one of them just hugs the Zodiacal band.


The 8 in gold I have tentatively identified on the chart on p.4 below.


If we compare this with the inner circle of f57v,

we find very much the same arrangement

if we take the outstretched fingers of the figures as our pointers.

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