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Post 4-Kaladj/Argu

Post 4-Kaladj/Argu

 posted on Feb 21, 2015 by admin in Background post 4, page 39


Much of the above is necessarily rather speculative

given the very early stage at which the research stands.


Nevertheless I have felt compelled to include

as much as I can of what I forsee even dimly,

even though this has led to extended discussions

of various possible scenarios & interpretations

that further research aught soon to resolve clearly.


In this more speculative category I would include

for instance, the discussions of;


-the various ways that the vowels might work;


-the question of which, if any other Voynich-Old Turkic letter-forms,

other than d=t,d, are able to represent multiple related letter-sounds;


-the question of how the letter L is represented

& whether jaiin could represent the Old Turkic

plural & verbal suffix 'ler';


-the question of which kind of Old Turkic Voynich is writing

& specifically whether we are looking at Kaladj

based on the identification of h=ch

which only Kaladj retained in initial position;


In the more secure category of conclusion, I would include;


-the recognition of the virtual identity

of Brigadier Tiltman's Paradigm

with the grammatical & phonetic structure of Old Turkic,

as described by Marcel Erdal, 2009;


-Captain Currier's puzzled conclusion,


"In no language I know of

does the suffix of a word

have anything to do with

the beginning of the next word."


has been explained,(Marcel Erdal, 2009),as being the result of,


"the phonotactic compatibility of stems and suffixes,

(which)demands suffix allomorphs,"


suffix allomorphs being a series of different spellings in Old Turkic

for the same suffix depending on the ending of the previous stem.


This conclusion also explains Jorge Stolfi's

similarly puzzled conclusion that Voynichese appears to have,


"multiple spellings for the same(suffix)syllable".

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