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Post 4-Kaladj/Argu

Post 4-Kaladj/Argu

 posted on Feb 21, 2015 by admin in Background post 4, page 30




What then does the Voynichese-Manichaean script offer

that the other scripts do not?


Several possibilities present themselves.


If it is the case that Voynichese/Manichaean was developed specifically

to write the language of the Arghu/Khaladj branch of Old Turkic,

then it seems likely that geographical distance,

& differing political & social forces may have separated the Kaladj,

whose movements were mainly South & West, towards Afghanistan & Persia,

sufficiently far from the Uygurs in the far East & North around Mongolia.


The Kaladj/Arghu apparently represent

the earliest division of the Turks.


They were even considered to be somewhat outside the larger Turkic tent,

even though they were usually included in the confederation

when they were called upon.


Their language preserves many archaisms

& has a very conservative grammar.


It thus makes good sense

that their language might require a dedicated script.


If the Kaladj were centred around & about Afghanistan,

then it is not so strange that the may have chosen Manichaeans

to develop for them a new script for their language,

as this area at this time was also a great stronghold of Manichaeism.


Nor did the Manichaeans need

any particular encouragement

to develop new scripts.


Writing scriptural wisdom

was one of their deeply held values.

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