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Post 3-Manichean Scenarios

Post 3-Manichean Scenarios

 posted on Feb 21, 2015 by admin in Background post 3, page 25


What follows are some pertinent questions

& a few preliminary plausible scenarios,

taking into consideration the conjectures

that Voynichese is a Manichaean script designed to write Old Kaladj

& that this Manichaean book travelled to Europe

with travelling Manichaean missionaries before the Inquisition,

when the Manichaean Bogomils in the area around Bosnia

& the Cathars in S.France, Germany & N.Italy,etc., were still active.


Why did the Manichaeans invent a new script for Old Turkic?


Strangely, Old Turkic, or at least

the South-eastern variety, Old Uygur,

may have had more scripts developed or adapted to represent it

than any other language of its time or before.


Old Turkic/Uygur practically

made a practice of collecting scripts.


From approximately 500bce? to 1000ce?,

the various forms of Old Turkic were written in Runes

more or less identical to Nordic Runes,

except that the letter/sound attributions are completely different.


When the Turkic peoples started to really expand,

being central to everybody,

they made contact with very disparate cultures in every direction.

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