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Post 2-Manichaean and Turkic Scripts

Post 2-Manichaean and Turkic Scripts

 posted on Feb 20, 2015 by admin in Background post 2, page 18


Mani, the Buddha of Light, with congregation of Elect, Khocho,

digitally modified from the image found in, 'Chinese Turkestan',

2nd & 3rd Turfan Expeditions, 1906-8, Albert von Le Coq, 1928, plate 9.


Turkic is an Altaic language,a group which includes

Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, (including Manchu), Koreanic & Japonic.


Turkic itself & specifically Old Turkic is divided into

6 main groups, Arghu, Oghur, Oghuz, Kipchak, Karluk & Siberian.


Arghu is now represented only by the nearly extinct Kaladj.


Oghur is now represented by Chuvash

& by the extinct languages, Khazar, Avar, Bulgar & Hunnic.

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