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Welcome to the Voynichology Blog

 posted on Feb 12, 2014 by admin in Welcome                                                          title page is as its name implies a website & blogs

dedicated to the study of the Voynich Manuscript.


More precisely, the purpose of this site

is to present & develop a novel solution

to the identity & origin & language of the Voynich.


In a few words,

it is shown that the Voynich Manuscript

is written in a script invented for a form of Old Turkic,

as spoken in Central Asia & Eastern Europe ca.800-1300ce &

is a Manichaean book that came to Europe

in Manichaean/Bogomil/Cathar circles.


It is hoped that this site will attract other researchers

& particularly those with an interest in Manichaean &/or Turkic studies

who will be able to advance the work of translating.


For those new to the Voynich Manuscript

& looking for an overview of the history & state of the art,

I highly recommend René Zandbergen's enormous & masterful site,


To see high definition scans of the entire manuscript,

Ms.408, go to the Yale/Beinicke Library site.

To look at ultra high resolution,

highly zoomable scans of the Voynich see,


There are many other Voynich sites

that will be referred to as we go along.

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